Is the Sea Really Blue

For this solo exhibition I chose the theme of oceans' pollution and more generally, the issue of sustainability.

Blue The Colour of Water : Blue is often referred to as the colour of water, which plays a central and critical role in all aspects of life. 

I wanted to raise awareness of the impact of humans’ activity on our oceans' waters.


As global population increases, clean water is becoming scarce and a golden commodity.


Often hijacked for political propaganda, it is at the core of sustainability and a vital element of ecosystems on earth where the vast majority of water is found in oceans.


In recent years, however, the value and appropriateness of the oceans’ waters have become an economic and environmental challenge for the Human race. 

The paintings​ (click on the images for full size picture)

Can We Live TogetherEarth is made habitable by the presence of the oceans, which cover 70% of its surface and contain 97% of its water.  However, current lifestyles, industrialization and global warming are threatening their eco-systems. Historically a socio-economic issue, the management of this water has now shifted in recent years to become an environmental and sustainability concern.

Coral Reef : Oceans’ disturbance caused by human-related activities is endangering coral reefs and marine life. From poor water quality, debris, sunscreen, water warming, to acidification and more, the human impact on corals is significant. They are dying at an alarming rate. Without corals, and the protection they offer to the large number of species which live in them, this fragile marine biodiversity is under threat.

A Path For Success : From the darkest shade of black (a symbol of pollution and sorrow for the state of the seas) and white (a representation of dead corals) to a healthy blue colour, it has become an imperative human social responsibility to work towards the restoration of well-balanced oceans.

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