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Reflecting on my European heritage and my many years in Asia, my art practice is a search of a contemporary fusion of Western and Japanese aesthetic principles. Born in France, I lived most of my life abroad where I discovered and enjoyed multi cultural environments. It broadened my artistic sensibility and aesthetic values. Fascinated by brushes, ink and paper I studied Japanese calligraphy extensively and back in Europe I applied myself to western lettering and further art education to complement my oriental training. My MA research concentrated on Modern Japonisme. I am also a graduate gemologist and studied jewellery design. I have been a professional jeweller for many years, earning international accolades before concentrating now exclusively on non-representational art or abstraction in painting and lettering arts. However working with precious materials and small expressionism forms enabled my love for details and refinement, qualities I find essential for my art practice. I focus on a contemporary fusion of East West aesthetic values.

Based on some philosophical constructs on the appreciation of beauty and art in both cultures, my body of work aims to create a two-way visual dialogue obliterating the cultural bias. By this, I mean removing the cultural consciousness applied when appreciating and/or interacting with visual arts. My work looks at the interdependence of various cultures and also reflects and questions the feasibility and legitimacy of visually articulating fusion philosophical constructs, and in a more general context of multi-cultural awareness it explores the value of compound narratives presented to a wider audience.

Believing interdisciplinary art, I approach my work with a combination of theoretical analysis and studio practice and a few recurring themes are Nature, Landscapes and the power and intricacy of human relationships. 

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