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DSM - Die schöne Müllerin

This series visually interprets Wilhelm Müller's poems which has been set in music by Franz Schubert and considered one of Schubert's most important work.

The twenty songs of the cycle describe the wandering journey of a young journeyman in the countryside and his feelings for a miller's daughter.

The cycle gradually evolves from optimism to tragedy. The young man comes upon a brook which leads him to a mill where he falls in love with the miller's beautiful daughter. Trying to reach her with his love, his sentiments are not reciprocated and he soon is supplanted in his affection by a hunter clad in green, the colour of a ribbon he gave the girl. Anguished he develops an obsession with the colour green and out of despair drown himself in the brook.

Usually interpreted musically with a piano and a tenor.

Mixed media on panel : Mineral Pigments, Oil paint and Wax, 40*40cm

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