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Two extracts from Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth Night' are interpreted as text art.

Love is Music


This unusual writing and compositional form of the famous quote ‘if music be the food of love play on’ interpret the playfulness, fluidity and musicality of those lines.


The text reads in English with a Japanese calligraphic influence to express the freedom and spontaneity of love and music. The semi illegibility invites the viewers to a deeper level of visual communication, looking for clues on how to decipher the real meaning of the brush marks, expressing the sentiment that all is not exactly what it seems, a concept that the play itself conveys.


Gold gouache and 24K gold leaves are used to express the preciousness of love.



Mixed Media on canvas, 20cm*20cm 



The background text art : ‘Conceal me what I am, and be my aid, For such disguise as haply shall become, The form of my intent’ is written in a more static fashion to express the rigid intention and somehow dark side of deception. It serves as the anchor and preposition of the play/painting and is layered under paint and metal leaves, a metaphor for the disguise and veiled intentions of the characters of the play.


This painting engages the viewers in a multi layered experience of texts and visual representations, an exchange between the obvious and the hidden. Texts, colours and forms/marks blend together to interpret some of the meanings of the play itself. Disguise, passion, freedom and love.

Mixed Media on canvas, 80cm*30cm

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